Thursday, October 16, 2008

International Network of Donor Conception Organizations

On October 5, 2008, as part of the Infertility Network's 2008 Donor Conception conference which focused on Ethics, several of the attending organizations came together to form "The International Network of Donor Conception Organizations".

I have hoped to see such an organiation since I attended the same conference in 2005 when I started the idea for the Donor Conception Alliance. As such this blog's purpose is essentially fulfilled, although I had no role in INODCO's creation but I expect to be a firm supporter of it.

All involved organizations support the following objectives:

1. End donor anonymity.
2. Track all recipients, donors and births and safeguard all records in a central, government data bank indefinitely. Information to be accessible by all involved families.
3. Mandate reporting of donor conceived live births from each donor.
4. Limit the number of births conceived with the sperm or eggs from any given donor
5. Require donors to regularly update their family medical history. Medical information to be included in donor data bank.
6. .Mandate genetic testing for donors and include genetic information in donor bank.
7. Push our respective governments to inquire into followup health histories of egg donors.
8. Require mandatory third party counseling for all prospective donors and parents.
9. Require legal and financial protection for anonymous donors so that they may feel safe to come forward.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Looking for DC Alliance Members?

Do you represent a Donor Conception related organization? Do you maintain a website or blog related to donor conception?

I am looking to start a network of all DC / DE /DI related organizations under a commeon umbrela of the Donor Conception Alliance.

The goals and mission are pretty simple:
>Respect our differences,
>Use our combined resources to highlight issues of shared significance,
>Work to monitor and reform issues related to donor conception

Those of you that know ne from my personal blog know that the issues that affect us all are of great importance to me and that I want to start working on connecting us all where we can so our issues are not pushed aside as fluff human interest pieces on the newss that are trotted out when the news meia seems fit to do so.

One goal would be that all participating organizations / blogs etc would display a common logo which I don't yet have. So if you have an idea for one let me know.